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During our day-to-day visits to our customers, occasionally, we come across problems that could easily be avoided. So we thought it would be useful to publish a blog that would help our customers to avoid some of the most common computer problems, before they arise.

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Thursday 12 April 2012

My Emails have suddenly stopped working!

We often receive calls from customers saying that their Emails have suddenly stopped working.

Frequently, the first thing that those customers who are using Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, do, is to make changes to their Email settings to attempt to get them working again. Unfortunately, these changes can just compound the problem. Why?

More often than not, the reason your Emails have suddenly stopped working is because your Internet Service Provide has a temporary Email server problem. In most cases, these temporary problems are restored quickly and normal service is resumed. But, occasionally, the problem may last several hours.

Now if you are unaware that your ISP is experiencing a problem, some assume that the problem is with their Email settings. Email settings don't change by themselves, so unless someone has made changes to these settings, there is no logical reason to assume they are wrong.

If changes are then made to these Email settings, there is a very high likelyhood that the changes will prevent the Email software working correctly. So when the ISP has solved his temporary Email server problem, the changes made to the customers Email software settings will prevent emails working correctly.

Therefore, our advice to those who experience a sudden problem with loss of their Emails is to wait for at least several hours to allow your ISP to solve any problems they might be experiencing with their Email servers. If after several hours the problem still exists, then we suggest you call your ISP to enquire whether the problem is at their end. If it is, then all you can do is wait until they solve the problem. However, if they advise you that they are unaware of any problems with their service, then ask them to assist you in re-establishing your Email service.

If you experience any communication problems while discussing the problem with your ISP, and would prefer Computer Advice Centre to become involved in working together with your ISP to resolve the problem, then please contact us and we will be happy to help.